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    Are you looking for a Job in the Middle East? We have contracts with all the Premier Health Care employers in the Middle East and are in a very strong position to represent you to the top hospitals in the region. Feel free to browse our current list of job openings in the Middle East. Apply for positions, Send/Update your resume or connect to us to see how we might be able to secure a placement for you with the employer of your choice. We look forward to becoming your recruiter of choice.
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    Do you wish to have access the most desirable candidates? We have a successful network and database of quality candidates and undertakes continued proactive innovative searches globally for leadership and skills. Learn about us and we could help you save time, money & hassle. Plus so much more... just a click away! We look forward to becoming your Agent of choice.



MD Talent Search is an internationally recognized recruitment company specializing in the placement of healthcare professionals to the Middle East.  Our service covers accessing of candidates through our network offices in the USA, UK, NZ, South Africa, Malaysia.

Our commitment to being a truly ethical partner forms an integral part of how we conduct business with Candidates, Clients, staff and shareholders alike.  We consider our core business principles to be professionalism and integrity.

Our focus is on an integrated approach to staffing and succession planning, finding solutions that ensure both candidate and client benefit from the recruitment process. A dynamic team of seasoned professionals, where fresh thinking, client knowledge and in-house quality control, ensures a company that is as passionate about client success as service delivery.

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